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Bend’s Changing Seasons: How Weather Affects Your Auto Repairs

As the weather gets colder and winter begins, it’s important to understand how weather changes can impair vehicles. Colder temperatures can lead to low tire pressure, poor gas mileage, and more. As the seasons change, it’s crucial to attend to routine car maintenance and keep up with auto repair services at Specialty Auto to ensure your car is taken care of. In this blog, we’ll cover the most common challenges Bend’s changing seasons can create and provide tips to keep your car running smoothly.

Seasonal Challenges in Bend, Oregon

With four distinct seasons, Bend drivers can face challenges at every turn. Summer heat can lead to engine damage; low temperatures can lead to fluid freezing, which can damage power steering, transmission, and more. It’s important that drivers practice seasonal awareness and preparedness to prevent the need for surprise appointments in the long run.

Winter Weather and Specialty Auto Repairs

Cold temperatures can cause fluid freezing, car battery damage, and engine issues. To protect your vehicle in the winter months, be sure to keep up on preventative maintenance appointments, get your tires checked frequently, and get an oil change routinely.

Springtime Solutions

Spring weather can cause tire pressure to rise, which leads to risks on the road. Precipitation can also cause the risk of hydroplaning and losing control of your vehicle. To prepare your car for spring months, get your coolant system inspected to ensure it’ll function properly in the warmer seasons, and make sure your windshield wipers are fully functional.

Sizzling Summers: What You Need to Know

Bend’s hot summers can lead to engine failure without oil change and tire pressure changes. Heat can also cause overheating and insufficient coolant. It’s crucial to get your tire pressure checked, get engine oil replaced, and get your car inspected before summer begins.

Fall Foliage and Auto Repairs

Fall rain poses similar threats to spring weather; hydroplaning is a risk on rainy days, but Specialty Auto can assist in the whole process in case you get into any car repair troubles. To prep your car for fall, you need to get your tires, brakes, and heating system inspected.

Seasonal Maintenance Checklist


  • Replace wiper blades
  • Check oil
  • Replace tires



  • Check AC system
  • Check tire pressure


The Expert’s Perspective: Insights from Our Specialty Auto Repair Shop

We recommend taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic, like Specialty Auto, for routine seasonal check-ins. Certain weather-related problems, such as engine or tire failure, can be prevented or caught during routine maintenance appointments before they become bigger issues. Seeking professional guidance and customer service from Specialty Auto’s technicians and mechanics can give you confidence in yourself and your vehicle’s safety.


Taking care of preventative vehicle maintenance is always important, no matter the season. You must take proper measures to maintain and protect your vehicle in every season, from oil changes to brake maintenance. Schedule your complete seasonal maintenance inspections with Specialty Auto today!

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