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Jeep’s business has a long history of producing trucks and SUV vehicles that are meant to go off the beaten path. The Wrangler and the Cherokee have remained immensely popular since the 1980s, and with recent improvements in performance and quality, the Jeep brand is likely maintain its fan base and attract new followers. If you are among them, our mechanics are ready to handle every Jeep SUV repair or truck repair you may need to get your car fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The modern Jeep Wrangler is one of the last remaining four-wheel drive vehicles with solid front and rear axles, which are known for their strength, durability, and precision. Wranglers also have differentials, transmissions, and heavy duty suspension systems developed to withstand heavy-duty, off-road use.

At Specialty Automotive, our Bend Jeep repair specialists fix Wranglers, going the extra mile to ensure all Jeep models leave our shop ready to hit the road or the trail. We make sure to always be efficient when servicing your vehicles so that you leave our shop happy.

When your Jeep needs a repair, a knowledgeable and helpful mechanic will take the time to thoroughly diagnose the problem and pinpoint the component or system that’s causing your car to perform poorly. We’re honest mechanics, so we’ll never suggest a repair that you don’t actually need, or replace parts that still have life in them. Simply because one part has gone bad doesn’t automatically mean you need to replace every belt, hose, or bolt in its vicinity. A Jeep mechanic from our team will let you know what you need to do to make sure your Jeep is safe and reliable once again—no more and no less. You can trust that our professionals will guarantee you get the best price possible for all necessary repairs, whether they preform a simple oil change or more severe repairs.

We know it’s inconvenient to be without your Jeep for any amount of time, whether you drive it every day or not. That’s why we take care of your Jeep services in Bend as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also treat every vehicle we work on as if it were our own, paying attention to details and providing answers to your questions all along the way. Our knowledgeable team, from our owner to our service writer to our mechanics, want you to be completely satisfied with the auto repairs we provide, and we want to help your Jeep run better for many years to come!


If your Jeep needs professional auto repair services or an auto maintenance service, call Specialty Automotive’s auto shop in Bend, Oregon. You can also request an appointment with a Jeep specialist from our team through our online contact form. We’ll contact you to confirm the date and time.

If you live in the Bend area, you need a reliable vehicle to take you on life’s adventures. Let Specialty Automotive Service & Repair handle the maintenance and repairs you need to be confident every time to you take to the road.

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